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August Projects offers a range of services explained below. The services can be combined to ensure a smooth project flow from start to finish, or you can make use of specific services as needed.

Preparing a Customized Finishing Schedule

This is a comprehensive list of every single thing you see when walking into a room, from floors to ceiling and everything in between.
Most builders will provide clients with a standard finishing schedule and standard prices. This list then needs to be customized to a client’s individual needs, style and more importantly budget.


Budget allocation includes all items on the Finishing Schedule. These budgeted amounts will be realistic amounts, in line with a client’s specific needs and based on real time supplier quotes.


This step can be quite overwhelming, especially for first time builders. It includes finding and choosing the right suppliers and fittings for your new home. We will present clients with samples and a short list of items to choose from (which will be in line with every clients specific needs).
Together with the client, we will sift through the short-list, discussing the pros and cons of each option, and finally help clients  choose the final fitting. We will also assist in finding the best possible quote for your chosen fitting.

Delivery On-Site On-Time

Not having a supplier or fitting on-site, on-time makes it impossible for any builder to finish a project within the agreed upon time frame. Preliminary focus hereon contributes to finishing a project on time and so avoid unnecessary costs.

Installation management

This service ensures high quality installations first time round, thereby eliminating come backs, faulty installations and falling behind schedule.

Spatial Design

Also known as space planning, spatial design is the creation of unique and special features in your home. Optimizing a specific room or area is not only aesthetically pleasing, but also ensures that you reap maximum benefits from your space.

Furniture Sourcing

So you know what furniture you want, but have no idea where to find it? We can source a range of pieces in a variety of styles for you, or even have it custom made by one of our suppliers.